Transformative Technology in Rib Fixation

Rib Fixation

Zimmer Biomet provides comprehensive chest wall fixation systems allowing for the surgical stabilization of traumatic rib fractures.

RibFix Advantage ® Intrathoracic Fixation

The first FDA cleared intrathoracic rib fixation system for less invasive rib repair.

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RibFix Blu ® Thoracic Fixation System

A simple, yet comprehensive, system designed for stabilization and rigid fixation.

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RibFix Advantage Intrathoracic Fixation System

Thoracic Fixation System Rib Trauma Solutions

The RibFix Advantage Intrathoracic Fixation System is the first and only intrathoracic fixation system for the treatment of rib fractures, which offers a repair that accommodates:

  • Smaller Incisions as compared to a traditional open rib procedure
  • Minimal disruption to the periosteum helping to preserve the blood supply to the bone
  • Minimal disruption to the intercostal muscles for increased stability

This minimally invasive fixation system consists of pre-assembled bridge plates with locking posts and locking caps for thoracoscopically assisted fixation and stabilization of ribs.

The pre-contoured bridge plate does not require intraoperative bending and the scalloped edges allow for additional points of stability to the bone.

RibFix Advantage Reduction

The RibFix Advantage bridge is brought into position on the intrathoracic aspect of the rib via guide cables. The pulling motion of the cables allows the reduction of displaced fractures that have entered the thoracic cavity via compression.

RibFix Blu Thoracic Fixation System

Thoracic Fixation System Rib Fixation

The RibFix Blu Fixation System is designed to offer surgeons simplicity and ease of use when approaching rib fracture repair. RibFix Blu plates are engineered to match the natural shape of the ribs, offering stability for direct bone healing while considering the natural movement of the chest wall.

  • Pre-contoured and narrow plate design
  • Cancellous self-drilling screw design
  • Innovative in-situ plate to bone approximation tools

10X Respiratory Loading Without Failure in plastic blocks under dynamic motion testing.

RibFix Blu® withstood bending loads equivalent to 10X the normal respiratory loading without any failures in plastic blocks under dynamic motion testing.¹

360,000 Cycles Without Failure in human cadaveric osteopenic rib bones.

RibFix Blu® withstood bending loads equivalent to 5X the normal respiratory loading for 360,000 cycles (equivalent to six weeks) without failures in human cadaveric osteopenic rib bones.2,3

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Compared to fractures and osteotomies of other bones in the body, medical treatment of rib fractures has failed to progress…

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Rib Trauma Value Brief

This value analysis brief presents recent clinical and economic evidence supporting surgical stabilization of rib fractures (SSRF).

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