Restoring Chest Wall Stability

Pacing Wires and Surgical Punches

Zimmer Biomet has expanded its thoracic portfolio to include a broad range of cardiovascular products. We now offer sternal sutures, sternal cable, temporary pacing wires and rotating surgical punches.

Ultra-Flex Temporary Cardiac Pacing Wires

Designed for stable fixation when placed and minimal traumatic side effects and/or bleeding when removed. The wide array of sizes and needle offerings provide solutions suited for all patients’ cardiac needs.

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Disposable Patient Cable 2.0

Disposable Patient Cable 2.0 is designed to provide a safe secure connection for both 1mm and 2mm pacing electrodes offering a more flexible and universal use in the hospital.

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Ultra-Thin Temporary Cardiac Pacing Wires

The integrated bi-polar pacing leads provide easy, safe and fast placement. Offering both an inline and bifurcated portfolio allows surgeons the intraoperative flexibility needed to customize each procedure.

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Rotating Surgical Punches

Designed for precise, clean, and round incision through a full 90-degree rotation of the distal tip.

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Atrial Cardiac Pacing Wires

Designed for secure placement and ease of removal

  • M-20 Style, Straight Wire Electrode

    One inch (2.54cm) of bare temporary pacing wire can be bent into desired configuration by surgeon and secured to the myocardium with a suture.

  • M-21 Style, Loop Electrode

    One-eighth inch diameter bare temporary cardiac pacing wire loop can be secured onto the myocardium with a non-tied continuous suture through the myocardium and wire loop. The suture will unravel during removal. The temporary pacing wire loop can be cut to permit removal if a suture is used to secure the loop to the myocardium.

  • M-22, Tapered Loop Electrode

    Atrial pacing electrode designed with six-millimeter diameter bare tapered wire loop. A securing suture is placed snug but not tight around neck of electrode. Loop will compress through suture upon removal.

Ventricular Cardiac Pacing Wires

Designed for stable fixation and atraumatic removal

Insulated with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and incorporating a 64mm and 89mm Keith needle which has a ‘snap off’ feature enabling the needle to be easily broken off without the need of wire cutters.

  • M-24 Style, Bare Wire Electrode

    Two and one-half inches of bare temporary pacing wire exposed immediately adjacent to the curved needle. Four curved needles, two straight needles and three insulation color options are available.

  • M-25 Style, One Centimeter Electrode with Insulation Wings

    Insulation is cut back to form a winged electrode. One centimeter of bare wire provides 13.0mm of exposed electrode surface area. The wings fold back against the insulation during removal. Three curved needles, two straight needles and three insulation color options are available.

  • M-26 Style, One Centimeter Electrode

    One centimeter of bare temporary pacing wire provides 13.0mm of exposed electrode surface area. Insulation is tapered to the electrode to facilitate insertion and removal. Four curved needles, two straight needles and three insulation color options are available.

  • Indifferent Lead Temporary Cardiac Pacing Electrode

    A special curved cutting needle permits this subcutaneous electrode placement. This electrode can eliminate the need for a ground electrode on the heart

    • The 8-inch ground, skin or indifferent electrode can be installed in subcutaneous tissue.
    • A special curved cutting needle permits this subcutaneous electrode placement.
    • This electrode can eliminate the need for a ground electrode on the heart.
    • The product is available in 8-inch and 24-inch lengths.

Disposable Patient Cable 2.0

Designed to provide a secure connection

Locking mechanism features:

  • Locking safety slide bar to prevent unintentional electrode release
  • Allows for emergent reinsertion of electrodes even in locked position
  • Lightweight design, easy verification of connection ports
  • Color coded on both base and plug
  • The cable is offered in two lengths: 6ft and 10ft

Ultra-Thin Temporary Cardiac Pacing Wires

Designed for interoperative flexibility

  • Small Needles and Wire Diameter1
  • Atraumatic Flare Fixation
  • Single Thoracic Puncture to Place two Electrodes
  • BM-Series

    Enables Bi-Polar placement of both electrodes in the myocardium with only one needle puncture. Available with Flare or Z fixation.

  • VE-Series

    Features a pre-bent L shape (hook) designed to eliminate the need to cut and discard needles. Bonded at the tip to eliminate fraying of the multi-stranded wire.

  • VO-Series

    Combines an O design with Bullet Electrode. The O-shape, also known as “Loop”or “Lasso” increases the surface area and contact of the electrode which gives the user security of placement.

  • VF-Series

    The bifurcated design of our VF-series pacing wires combines the ease of single wire placement with advantages of bipolar wires.

Rotating Surgical Punches

Designed to cut a clean and round hole

Two scalpel-sharp cutting surfaces and a smooth cutting action reduces tissue trauma while creating a uniform incision and providing an ideal opening in soft tissue. The syringe style grip provides comfort and control while offering excellent visibility of the operating field.

  • Hollow cutting tip with 10-degree undercut moves tissue away from inside edge of hole.
  • Dual-cutting action.
  • Full 90-degree rotation creates a clean, circular hole.
  • Syringe-style grip for comfort during use.
  • Low profile cutting tip for easier entry.

Cardiovascular Catalog

Included in this catalog are options for sternotomy sutures, including Single Wire and DoubleWire™; Ultra-Thin and Ultra-Flex Temporary Pacing Wires for atrial and/or ventricular pacing needs; and Rotating Surgical Punches for creating uniform circular cuts in soft tissues or openings in soft vessel walls.

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